More Tube, less you. Adios, YouTube


Adios, YouTube: 51.7%. This is the first and foremost users’ response (in a CNET poll) to the just introduced YouTube Flash-animation ads. It seems that the users (or at least, a good number of them) have a different take of the same CNET story featuring that instant poll: such “advertising format could succeed where many others have failed: it’s not annoying.” They simply – and willingly – miss the point. It’s the user freedom at stake here, not the advertising success or its annoying behavior. What about the UGC? It will be mercilessly mixed with whatever commercials the bosses decide, or at random, that could be even worse. And the ‘alternative TV’ mantra? Forget about it. This is just your old tube recycled, my friend. Can users prevent or stop the ads? No way! But they can certainly “click on to the overlay ad” or wait the video to resume. How exciting!
Too bad for a tool that, just one-two years ago, was heralded as symbol of open creativity, grassroots revolution, and so on. But of course we couldn’t expect nothing less from Google the King, that now must “cash in on its investment.” In other words, quoting Nerd World: “Less grassroots, less hand-rolled. More Tube, less You.” Adios, forever.


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