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The more I read and follow the Wikileaks saga the more I have mixed feelings about its positive outcome in the larger context. Nobody can deny its importance in showing the world that the Emperor Wears No Clothes. People have the right to access most government information and secrecy cannot be a viable (nor justifiable) […]

[From the Progressive magazine website] Thank You, Howard Zinn, for being there during the civil rights movement, for teaching at Spelman, for walking the picket lines, and for inspiring such students as Alice Walker and Marian Wright Edelman. Thank you, Howard Zinn, for being there during the Vietnam War, for writing “The Logic of Withdrawal,” […]

From The New York Times: The Obama administration is considering new rules to make it easier for government Web sites to use “cookies” and other technology to track visitors. There are valid reasons for using such tools, but the government has to build in robust privacy protections. … Officials say they recognize that people must […]

From BreakingTweets: Per BBC, Italy has agreed to imprison three inmates from Guantanamo Bay, President Barack Obama has said. President Obama disclosed the agreement at the White House after meeting with Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. The European Union had previously reached an agreement with Washington to transfer an undisclosed number of Guantanamo prisoners to […]

Tomorrow Pete Seeger celebrates his 90th birthday with a Madison Square Garden event, in New York: a four-hour, all-star concert with Bruce Springsteen, Dave Matthews, Eddie Vedder, John Mellencamp, Joan Baez, Arlo Guthrie, Ben Harper, Ani DiFranco, Emmylou Harris, Juanes, Tao Rodriguez-Seeger and Taj Mahal. The concert will benefit and raise awareness for Hudson River […]

From the Santa Fe New Mexican: Gov. Bill Richardson’s remarks on signing the repeal of the death penalty: “So, like many of the supporters who took the time to meet with me this week, I have believed the death penalty can serve as a deterrent to some who might consider murdering a law enforcement officer, […]

From the Associated Press: the Dalai Lama stated today in a speech in Dharmsala, India that Chinese rule in Tibet has led to a “hell on earth” and the only way to solve the issue is through peace. The address came in front of thousands of supporters and commemorated the 50th anniversary of the failed […]

Non ho fatto in tempo a buttar giù il post di cui sotto, che Nicola Bruno mi segnala un altro articolo odierno su temi analoghi (l’intelligenza collettiva della Rete al lavoro, versione moderna dell’intramontabile detto: ‘meno male che ci sono gli amici’). Stavolta è il Washington Post a spiegarci che il ‘Web-Savvy Obama Team’ va […]

L’esplicito abbraccio tra Obama e Internet non può non essere soggetto a confronti e verifiche continue. Perchè è una sfida inedita su cui sono puntati gli occhi del mondo, giusto per dirne una. Incluso fatti quali mettere online la Presidenza senza sminuirne il prestigio, manifestare in concreto la capacità o meno di ‘reboot’ il mandato […]

From CNN: “In a bid to capitalize on Rush Limbaugh’s recent comment that he hopes President Obama “fails,” national Democrats launched a petition drive Wednesday taking direct aim at the conservative radio host.” The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has launched an online petition for readers to express their outrage at conservative talk show host Rush […]