Internet fraud increasing…


Internet scamFrom Internet-based rip-offs jumped 33 percent last year over the previous year, according to a report from a complaint center set up to monitor such crimes.
The total dollar loss from those crimes was $265 million. That’s $26 million more than the price tag in 2007, the National Internet Crime Center said. For individual victims, the average amount lost was $931. … The center said the top three most frequent complaints were about merchandise that wasn’t delivered or payment that wasn’t received, Internet auction fraud and credit/debit card fraud. Other scams include confidence frauds such as Ponzi schemes, check fraud, the Nigerian letter fraud and identity fraud.
One popular identity fraud scam used during 2008 involved sending e-mails crafted to appear as if they’d been sent by the FBI. Sometimes the scammers went so far as to say the mailings were from FBI Director Robert Mueller himself, according to the center.
The e-mails would ask the recipient for personal information, such as a bank account numbers, claiming the FBI wanted the information to look into an impending financial transaction. One variation of the scheme, according to the center, was to send an e-mail saying the recipient is entitled to lottery money or an inheritance and the funds can be moved as soon as bank account information is supplied.

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3 Responses to “Internet fraud increasing…”

  1. I’ve been on a mission ever since I was scammed out of $1000, which goes to show the average of $931 is just about right. I just found your blog through CNN (keep up the good work!) and thought i would share a site with you and your users that concentrates on Online Scam news and protection –


  2. Computer fraud is a serious issue. Since the numbers of computer theft has increased, the authorities should do something to increase awareness among people and to promote the measures that could be taken against computer and internet fraud.

  3. I think computer fraud cases have increased because of the increase of internet and computer technology users, along with the development of technology.

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