“Water for life, not for profit.”


Water rightsFrom DemocracyNow: Sunday was World Water Day and marked the close of a week-long gathering held in Istanbul, Turkey to discuss water policy at a time when over a billion people lack access to clean water and 2.5 billion people lack water for proper sanitation. Activists from the People’s Water Forum, an alternative formation representing the rural poor, the environment and organized labor, slammed the official event as a non-inclusive, corporate-driven fraud pushing for water privatization and called for a more open, democratic and transparent forum. … The final non-binding communiqué from the official forum describes access to water as a “basic human need” rather than a human right, despite efforts by dissenting Latin American countries, France and Spain. They were reportedly blocked by Egypt, Brazil and the United States. [ Read full article ].
A few videos about the demonstrations in Istanbul are produced by the “Sacred water project” – an on-going project of PlayApart and Torcida which aims to contribute to the world’s production of multimedia material to inspire different audiences about the sacred value of water and the risk associated with the current culture of consumption and commoditification of water around the world. At last year’s forum in Mexico City they also produced AGUA MI SANGRE – Voices resitances and alternatives at the World Water Forum.


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