Obama covering up a secret copyright treaty?


Cory Doctorw on boingboing: Remember yesterday’s post about how the Obama administration had refused to release the details of a secret copyright treaty because doing so would compromise “national security?” Well, it turns out that there are plenty of people who are cleared to be privy to this “sensitive” document — strangely, they all seem to work for giant copyright companies!
Of course, they’re allowed to know what’s in the treaty — but the public, activist groups, consumer rights groups, and the artists whom this treaty is supposed to protect are all forbidden from knowing what it says.
What an embarrassment for an administration that holds itself out as an end to the corrupt, business-as-usual beltway fandango.
[ full article & more details ]

UPDATE: boingboing guest blogger Dan Gillmor gives context to the whole issue also referring to what Salon’s Glenn Greenwald points out: “Obama is … rushing to actively embrace… assaults and executive power abuses on the civil liberties” of the Bush administration.


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