Major victory in the campaign to eliminate DRM


At MacWorldDefectiveByDesign says: A major victory in the campaign to eliminate DRM: Apple, the last major retailer of DRM-encumbered music has announced, live at MacWorld, that all iTunes music will be going DRM-free. (Today, some 8 million songs and music videos are already available DRM-free, via iTunes Plus). Of course, what this really makes clear is that this was never about the record companies withholding DRM-free music from Apple, but rather that Apple was unwilling to concede a tiered pricing structure to the recording companies. In the end, anti-DRM activists (including well over 10,000 from Defective by Design) were able to educate the public enough to pressure Apple to give in. … Don’t buy DRM and speak out against it — it really is that easy. Remember to use services that are DRM free. … We received this note from one reader today: “Help — Apple is holding me ransom for $0.30 per song”; yes, it’s a sad situation that Apple’s concession comes at a steep price for their most loyal customers. … We can encourage Apple to continue to remove DRM from iTunes content, including all movies, TV shows, games, audiobooks and applications, as well as support for free formats, such as Vorbis and Theora.


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