Another failure of prohibition – against file sharing


file sharingProsecuting Online File Sharing Turns a Generation Criminal, Lawrence Lessig on US News & World Report: “Seventy-five years ago, Prohibition ended. Just 13 years after launching an extraordinary experiment in social reform, the nation recognized that the battle against “intoxicating liquors” had failed. Organized crime had exploded. Civil rights had been weakened. And an enormous number of ordinary Americans had become “criminals” as they found ways to evade, and profit from the evasion of, this hopeless law.
We’re about a decade into our own hopeless war of prohibition, this one against “peer-to-peer piracy.” …
…the single certain consequence from this battle has been one our government is strangely oblivious to: its rendering a generation criminal. …
Copyright law’s extremism is not necessary. We can achieve the objectives of copyright law—compensating artists—without criminalizing a generation. We need to start doing that, now.” (Read full article).


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