After the vice-presidential candidates debate…


VP DebateWhile several news outlets say that “Sarah Palin exceeded expectations”, I think her “folksy remarks” and provincial attitude are clear evidence of a simple fact: she still doesn’t get it. At stake here is the vice-presidency of world’s powerful country, not just a small homey turf. This race, and its future outcome, attracts the eyeballs of several billions people all around the globe. She has no idea (nor guts) on how to deal with such scenario and other important tasks of a vice-president. And she doesn’t even care to hide it. Yes, Papa John will take care of everything, right? Anyway, the best report I’ve read today is this piece on Sarah Palin exceeds expectations — and still loses. A few quotes: “Palin had so much work to do convincing voters she belonged on the stage that she wasn’t able to be as effective a messenger for McCain as Biden was for his ticket. … she didn’t do much to distract voters from pocketbook anxieties, and she didn’t do much to make them believe Obama won’t try to help. And time is starting to run out for her side.” And please let’s not forget third party candidates, excluded as always from the official debates. Isn’t about time to truly open up the political arena to other parties and organized movements, no matter how small or poorly funded? This on-going, untouchable, anachronistic “duopoly” is not helping American people to make the right decisions – but it seems nobody wants to even talk about it. Luckily DemocracyNow! provides a much needed reaction from two vice-presidential candidates excluded from the whole story: Matt Gonzalez, running mate of Independent candidate Ralph Nader, and Rosa Clemente, running mate of Cynthia McKinney of the Green Party.


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