Sarah Palin as VP? An insult to American women


Sarah PalinUC Berkeley’s Ruth Rosen writes on AlterNet: Many people are unfamiliar with Feminists for Life and wonder what the choice of Sarah Palin, who is against abortion rights, signals to the electorate. … Despite its protestations, Feminists for Life is not really about choice. You can see this on its Web site, where the slogan “refuse to choose” appeared repeatedly. Nor does the organization challenge the real difficulties working mothers face. Instead, it cleverly appropriates the words “feminist” and “choice” to convince young women that abortion is always an unacceptable choice. … Sarah Palin is the inexperienced woman Sen. John McCain has chosen as his running mate, hoping that she will attract the vital female vote.. It’s the worst kind of affirmative action, choosing a person he barely knows, who is completely unprepared to assume any national office. It’s like nominating Clarence Thomas for the Supreme Court. It’s all about ideology and not about competence. To put it bluntly, Sarah Palin is no Hillary Clinton. Nor does she have the vision and brilliance of Barack Obama. This is an incredible insult to most American women. Just how stupid does he think we are?
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3 Responses to “Sarah Palin as VP? An insult to American women”

  1. 1 CMSgt (Ret) Willie F. Grase

    Since Palin son is in the Army and off to Iraq, then my mother qualites for President. I retired with 30 years of Military service and did tours in Vietnam, Thailand and many others. You can change the skirt but won’t get Hillary’s votes. Get a Life!!!

    CMSgt (Ret) Willir F. Grase

  2. 2 pajepress

    While insulting Sarah Palin has become a national pastime for the elitist east and west coasters, and those who are simply small minded and can’t see past how cute Barak Obama is, it is fairly short sighted of them. Not to mention extremely insulting to America’s backbone who will be voting for McCAin Palin, why because socializing our economy and ignoring our national security is not an option for us.
    While we are so busy insulting Palin, just think if she had said “take em out” in reference to Pakistan in a presidential debate the socialist whacko’s would still be screaming. Who did that? Barrak Obama and it was a truly idiotic statement the man has no business making those kinds of statements someone should muzzle him. But no we are affirmative actioning him into the presidency at a crucial time in our nations history. A passive aggressive personality with a team of handlers, can anyone say manchurian candidate?

    Prepare for WW111

  3. 3 Rescue8

    For Pajepress: Regardless of how the presidential election turns out, approximately 1/2 the voters will vote for each candidate. As much as you’d like to think that the people that are “insulting” Sarah Palin are “elitist East and West coasters”, there are plenty of us here in the Midwest that wonder about her qualifications to be president of the United States. You do know that out of the 43 presidents that 8 of them died in office, don’t you? And that McCain would be the oldest person ever elected President of the United States? 72 isn’t that old, but he’d turn 76 while still president.

    I come from a small town and have a son in the military. (There are plenty of “non-conservatives” with children in the military). Not everyone with a child in the military thinks that John McCain’s ideas on Iraq are the best ones. I often wonder why so many conservatives consider educated people elitists. I worked really hard to send my daughters to college. I’m sorry that you think that an education isn’t important. I’m apalled that you aren’t able to tell that people like George Bush or Sarah Palin aren’t that smart. Perhaps it’s because many conservatives think that the Earth is less than 5,000 years old and that people rode on the back of dinosaurs. That makes it a waste of time to study science, I guess. Many of us more “elitist” Christians wonder why people that take the bible literally don’t take the commandment “Thou Shall Not Kill” literally and at least be a bit slower to endorse war.

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