Obama wiser than Dean?


From Wired.com: Liberal bloggers are expressing outrage over Barack Obama’s appearance this weekend on Fox News, accusing the Democratic presidential front-runner of kowtowing to the network’s conservative viewers, and throwing his online supporters to the wolves. …
Obama was decidedly non-combative, and calmly addressed all of the issues thrown his way by the show’s host. He even highlighted some of his differences with liberal blogs, singling out Daily Kos by name while discussing John Roberts’ nomination to the Supreme Court. …
The reaction from the blogosphere was quick, and largely critical. …
In context, though, Obama’s Fox News appearance seems part of a wider plan to cultivate a conciliatory tone, as he faces an ongoing controversy over pastor Jeremiah Wright’s combative sermons.
History suggests that’s a wise course. Howard Dean lost the presidential nomination in 2004 because of his perceived rage. Voters, it turns out, are turned off by anger, even if bloggers are craving a little ire from their candidate.


One Response to “Obama wiser than Dean?”

  1. 1 Brenda R.

    I didn’t even listen because I am so sick of listening to his ” this is what I
    ‘m going to do” theme in every speech! How about hearing ” this is how I’m going to do
    all these things that I am repeatedly telling you that I’m going to do when I get to be
    President of the United States of America”! If you’ve been listening you’ll agree with what I’ve just said! He’s nothing but a high priced, over paid Preacher! He’s the Pied Pied Piper of the new generation of Wanna Be’s! Wanna Be’s in this case who think they have found their ticket to all the Entitlments Mr. Obama talks about and worked for during his early years! Mr. Obama is nothing but a Fund Raiser who then sets back and vacations while guess who ? is out working for what she believes in and has
    a history of called ” a work ethic”, Obama needs to understand what that is! Unfortunately, Obama knows exactly what it is, just doesn’t have it in him he apparently has been brought up with the mindset of “Entitlments” as his Major in the Colleges he attended probably again on our dollars! I’ll bet Obama is laughing everyday and night and all the way to the bank with everybody’s money!

    You’ve heard the old saying ” You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all the people all the time”!!! It’s so true and if you will just listen, be
    quiet and listen! you then hear what I hear! The sound of hot air escaping out of the balloon which has been talking! Please listen and don’t be fooled before it’s too late!
    I’m truly frightened at the thought of Obama being our President and almost more so at the thought of Michelle being first lady!

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