Chinese cyber-espionage tactics…


Dream for DarfurFrom The New Republic blog: «Ominous news from cyberspace: Darfur advocacy groups in the United States … have been the target of cyber-espionage that most likely leads back to the Chinese government. Beijing is angry because it is the focus of a large and intense shaming campaign highlighting the fact that China is both host of the 2008 Olympic Games as well as complicit in the Darfur genocide by way of its support for the brutal regime in Khartoum. … the cyber-espionage extends to advocacy organizations challenging China over its role in the broader international theater of events and responsibilities. The thinking appears to be that if an issue touches Chinese interests in a serious way, cyber-espionage is an acceptable tactic. A recent news investigation in China found persuasive evidence that hackers not directly associated with the Chinese government were committing cyber-espionage on a freelance basis, and were paid for it by Beijing later. … Americans should thus expect that Chinese abuses of cyber-technology for espionage purposes, extending to the invasion and disruption of domestic political discourse, to be around for a very long time.» [ Full article ]


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  1. does anyone knows if there is any other information about this subject in other languages?

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