Here Comes Everybody….


Here Comes EverybodyFresca di stampa, ecco l’ultima fatica del professor Shirky: Here Comes Everybody: The Power of Organizing Without Organizations – con annesso blog. In attesa che mi arrivi la copia cartacea e pur non trattandosi, a prima vista, di grosse novità, importanti in questi casi sono la contestualizzazione e i rilanci proposti. In tal senso le fonti online si mostrano positive: “He contextualizes the digital networking age with philosophical, sociological, economic and statistical theories and points to its major successes and failures. Grassroots activism stands among the winners—Belarus’s flash mobs, for example, blog their way to unprecedented antiauthoritarian demonstrations”, si legge su Amazon. Aggiunge Cory Doctorow: “Clay’s book makes sense of the way that groups are using the Internet. Really good sense. In a treatise that spans all manner of social activity from vigilantism to terrorism, from Flickr to Howard Dean, from blogs to newspapers, Clay unpicks what has made some “social” Internet media into something utterly transformative, while other attempts have fizzled or fallen to griefers and vandals. Clay picks perfect anecdotes to vividly illustrate his points, then shows the larger truth behind them.”


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