Stop the FCC’s Big Media Handout


StopBigMedia From FreePress: The Senate introduced legislation this morning that would reverse the Federal Communications Commission’s decision to let the nation’s largest media companies swallow up more local and independent news outlets. Congress has just 60 legislative days to pass this bill. By acting now, you can help make it happen.
We have Big Media to blame for local news that’s steeped in celebrity gossip, corporate hype and sensationalism. If the FCC gets its way, you’ll see your local news get even worse. The FCC’s decision further consolidates local media markets, taking away the independence and diversity that comes from local ownership. Simply put, this is a sweetheart deal for a handful of companies that have been breaking media ownership rules for years with impunity.
In December, 200,000 people called on their senators to take action against the FCC. The Senate has responded with a “resolution of disapproval,” a type of congressional veto that would throw out the new rules. Now we need to get another 50,000 citizens on the record supporting the Senate’s action.


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