End Software Patents now!


Software patents exist for the sake of litigation, not for the sake of innovation. The scope of any given sofware patent is difficult to narrow down, and the ambiguity and difficulty to both sort through the enormity of software patents and comprehend them each is an impossible task. As part of our efforts to eliminate DRM from music, movies, videos, and all media, please help us eliminate the unecessary restrictions created by our own patent system by joining us and many others in the End Software Patents campaign. …
Several patent reform advocacy organizations have banded together to form a new coalition that will lead a collaborative effort to abolish software patents. Supported by the Free Software Foundation, the Public Patent Foundation, and the Software Freedom Law Center, the End Software Patents (ESP) project aims to challenge the legal validity of patents that do not specify a physically innovative step. In addition to helping companies challenge software patents in the courts and in the patent office, the ESP project will also work to educate the public and encourage grass-roots patent reform activism in order to promote effective legislative solutions to the software patent problem.


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