A “Real ID”? No, thanks


Real IDSophia Cope, staff attorney at the Center for Democracy & Technology, provides an excellent perspective on problems and flaws of the Real ID Act, approved by US Congress three years ago and soon to be implemented under the Department of Homeland Security final regulations. Shortly: «The security risks of a central ID database are enormous, as is the potential for abuse by government and business…It would be an irresistible treasure trove for identity thieves, terrorists, and other criminals…And who would have access to the ID data and for what purposes?… Supporters of the Real ID Act shamelessly exploit the contentious illegal immigration and national security issues as political cover for what could evolve into much darker government uses.» While 17 states have passed legislation rejecting Real ID, and in 22 other states such legislation has either been introduced or has passed one chamber, here is the appropriate suggestion: « The ideal solution is for Congress to revisit the fundamentally flawed Real ID Act. But even if Congress doesn’t act to repeal the law or otherwise attempt a fix, DHS has a responsibility–and the statutory flexibility–to build strong privacy and civil liberties protections into its regulations to ensure that the implementation of Real ID doesn’t do more harm than good.» (Full article)


One Response to “A “Real ID”? No, thanks”

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