Big Brother is *always* watching us!


Look, the movieFrom Newsweek: With more than 30 million surveillance cameras in this country, the average American is caught on tape more than 200 times a day: on the street, at the ATM, in department stores, even in public restrooms. Yet the notion that we’re being watched—at all times—has yet to resonate in the public perception. Most people don’t know that hidden cameras are legal in dressing rooms and bathrooms in most states, nor that workplaces can get special permission to install them without ever having to reveal their whereabouts. In some places store employees can even make reels from security cameras and post them on YouTube. That’s where “Look,” the acclaimed new film by writer-director Adam Rifkin, comes in—and it’s likely to shock you. …
From “Look” website: They are everywhere. On the streets. In lobbies. At the shopping center. Even in bathrooms. The ever watchful electronic eye stands vigilant, protecting us from those who would do harm. There are so many security cameras we have become dulled to their presence. The cameras themselves capture minute after minute, hour after hour of video which is digitally archived, perhaps forever. …


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