A “code of conduct” to protect freedom of expression online?


Ci si avvia forse alla fine del tradizionale abbraccio tra sorveglianza high-tech [made in Usa] e regimi repressivi [tipo la Cina]? E si riuscirà mica a stilare un codice di condotta a tutela della libertà d’espressione online?

Da Wired News: Yahoo on Tuesday settled a lawsuit filed in the United States by two mainland Chinese writers who were imprisoned after the technology company handed over their private account information to Chinese law enforcement authorities.
The settlement comes after lawmakers blasted Yang and Yahoo’s top lawyer Michael Callahan last week in a congressional hearing over how Yahoo has handled the entire chain of events surrounding the arrests.
“Yahoo! Inc. and other U.S.-based Internet companies need to work harder to ensure that they resist any attempts by authoritarian regimes to make them complicit in cracking down on free speech – otherwise, they simply should not do business in those markets,” he said.
Yahoo is working with other US technology companies, academics and human-rights groups to craft a “code of conduct” to protect freedom of expression online.


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