Stop Big Media (& Rupert Murdoch)


Free Press Have you ever thrown your shoe at the TV set? Sometimes media companies air such junk that tossing a shoe, magazine, remote or whatever is close at hand is all you can do. Now you can do more. Today, Free Press launched “Whack-a-Murdoch” a Web game that let’s you hit back at the big companies that air such bad programming.
Rupert Murdoch spreads his political agenda into nearly every living room in America by buying up TV stations and other media across the country. In city after city, StopBigMedia is organizing a grassroots campaign against Murdoch’s takeover. The bottom line is our democracy will not survive for long on a steady diet of this sort of junk journalism. That the FCC is about to remove barriers to Murdoch’s owning more outlets should sound alarm bells for anyone who believes, like James Madison, that a citizenry deprived of accurate information, will result in a government that “is but a prologue to a farce or a tragedy or perhaps both.”
So the next time you’re tempted to hurl your shoe at the TV, reach for your computer instead and join the growing campaign to stop media consolidation and transform our democracy.


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