Publish 2.0: social network for all journalists


NewsroomHow can analog media companies thrive in the digital world? How are journalists making this transition – without losing their jobs in the process? And can the power of networked human intelligence be applied overtly and effectively to the news? Those are hot questions that many struggle to address on the Web these days, expanding the scope of knowledge-gathering & sharing and giving birth to new experiments worldwide. Including some very promising, open, semi-professional ventures such as NewsTrust and Assignment Zero. Soon we’ll also have a «social network and Web 2.0 toolset for journalists»: Publish 2.0. Shortly, this is a New York-based social network platform aiming at creating a journalist-powered news aggregator and specific tools for the digital newsroom. Of course, journalists are very broadly defined here, including bloggers, freelancers, citizen journalists, etc. Publish2 is also a social media company on the eve of launching in Beta — with Scott Karp as CEO, former publisher of the The Atlantic magazine, and Jeff Jarvis as advisor, founder of Judging from several appreciative comments and other qualified previews, there is great attention for this social-pro-am news project. Let’s hope it will flourish! In the meantime, an interesting post covers the on-going debate between Mark Glaser of Media Shift and Nick Carr of Rough Type over the current state of employment at traditional media companies and news organization.


One Response to “Publish 2.0: social network for all journalists”

  1. grande segnalazione, bernardo, very interesting, thnx a lot

    actually, I find this project very similar, theoretically, to, that I’m following. it’s clearly the idea of applying the social media model to a more complex set of idea, with a more difficult-to-approach set of abstract topics

    I mean: in the first phase we shared photos, videos, ideas on blogs, etc. that’s it

    now – perhaps – we are beginning to share more abstract contents / concept, like journalism, entrepreneurship, etc

    it’s an interesting wonder, isn’t it? 🙂


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