…and the iPhone is finally free!


Just published on CNN Newswire:

“A teenager in New Jersey has broken the lock that ties Apple’s iPhone to AT&T’s wireless network, freeing the most hyped cell phone ever for use on the networks of other carriers, including overseas ones. … The hack, which Hotz posted Thursday to his blog, is complicated and requires skill with both soldering and software. It takes about two hours to perform. Since the details are public, it seems likely that a small industry may spring up to buy U.S. iPhones, unlock them and send them overseas. … Hotz collaborated online with four other people, two of them in Russia, to develop the unlocking process.”


2 Responses to “…and the iPhone is finally free!”

  1. Cool! can you buy for me?

  2. be’, direi che tutto sommato con conviene ancora come soldi, pur se il dollaro e’ ben sotto rispetto all’euro, e non si escludono ripercussioni legali — vedo pero’ ora che repubblica.it nel dare (in ritardo) la notizia parla di similari prodezze anche degli hacker italici

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