Another malware pulls an Italian job (sarà vero?)


Malware in Italy
Una storia tutta italiana, da seguire, soprattutto per chi gira su siti web di turismo, moda e simili, a quanto pare. Quello sopra sarebbe uno dei siti compromessi nelle ultime ore. Mentre CNet spiega che «thousands of legitimate English-language Italian Web sites fell victim to one line of code», i dettagli più tecnici (e succosi) arrivano da Trend Micro:
«Remember LINKOPTIM, which exploited a number of legitimate Italian Web sites to spread malicious JavaScripts? Since early Saturday morning (June 16, 2007), Trend Micro has been receiving several reports of a new batch of hacked Italian Web sites that trigger a series of malware downloads once a user visits them. These infection series begin with a malicious IFRAME tag. Trend Micro detects Web pages hosting the said malicious tag as HTML_IFRAME.CU. All the compromised sites are hosted in Italy and, to date, Trend Micro identifies 1,174 affected Web sites. (…) Among the top hacked sites are related to fashion, some have adult content, and several online communities with varied interests. It is possible that the malware authors are banking on an increase in user traffic due to the coming Italian holiday season, when users are expected to pursue more socially-inclined interests beyond work or school».
Sarà davvero il caso di stare in campana??


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