Stop DoJ Copy Crime Proposal


DBDLast weekend DefectiveByDesign members hit the streets to spread the word about DRM, Disney and Big Media’s backing for the proposed Intellectual Property Protection Act of 2007 (IPPA2007). Now the EFF is running an email campaign to contact your elected officials in Washington urging them to oppose the IPPA2007. The Department of Justice has drafted this outrageous legislative proposal that threatens ordinary Americans with jail time and the sort of property forfeiture penalties applied in drug busts for P2P users, mixtape makers, and mash-up artists. The law would stiffen penalties for "attempted infringement", basically removing the requirement that the government or Big Media companies actually prove that infringement occurred. The IPPA would also authorize massive wiretapping to investigate copyright infringement by individuals. The government has plenty of tools to investigate and prosecute large scale criminal enterprises engaging in bootlegging, the IPPA will target every citizen. This legislation will be a boon to Big Media by getting US taxpayers to foot the bill for what should be civil law matters, not criminal. Say NO to the IPPA and send a message to your representatives urging them to oppose it. E per gli italiani che leggono, please fate girare le voce now!


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